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How to Optimize your E-Bus Depot with Market Leading Charging Technology

Join us on Tuesday, September 5, at 10:00 am CEST or 6:00 pm CEST for our LIVE webinar.

Electric buses are the future of public transportation. Since e-buses don’t produce any carbon emissions, they are key to cutting down pollution in cities.

With pressure of governmental agencies and consumers desire to lead a greener life, it’s crucial to begin the work in electrifying bus fleets. However, reliable charging infrastructure is a major piece of the puzzle piece that e-buses need to thrive. That’s why at Kempower, we develop and provide charging solutions that help operators to charge their fleets efficiently.

Kempower’s Webinar “How to Optimize Your E-Bus Depot” is perfect for those working in public transport, coach transport, private hire, tourism, and city development.

In this Kempower webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Common challenges for e-bus depots
  • How to best maximize available grid connections with dynamic power sharing
  • Best practices for decentralized charging systems
  • Best ways to save space when planning your charging infrastructure
  • How smart depot charging software can minimize your energy bill
  • Kempower’s charging solutions for electric fleets 

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Armand Garcia Bachs (Sales Manager Iberia, Commercial Fleets) is based in Barcelona, Spain and will be hosting the webinar live from Finland. Armand’s engineering background and passion for electric mobility brings valuable expertise to electric fleet owners.

Moritz Vornfeld (Fleets Segment Owner) is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and will be hosting the webinar live from Finland. Moritz has extensive experience around fleet electrification and is responsible for Kempower’s fleet charging segment.  

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