Kempower Charging Solutions for North America

The Kempower product range in North America includes the Kempower Power Unit, Kempower Station Charger, Kempower Movable Charger, and Kempower Satellite level 3 fast charging solutions.

We are pleased to provide state-of-the-art charging technology to meet the growing demand for fast charging capabilities in various sectors, such as: electric passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and mobile work machines. Our product offering for North America will continue to expand with the upcoming arrival of the Kempower Movable Charger.

Are you eager to explore Kempower’s product range? Please contact Kempower Sales of North America Sales for further information. We offer you the best EV charging solutions on the market!

Kempower Sales of North America
Mattias Grue, Business Development Manager, North America
Tel. +1 917-345-6017

Kempower Charging Solutions for North America

Kempower Satellites offer the best user experience for EV drivers

The Kempower Satellites design provides easy installation in most locations. Thanks to its small footprint, Kempower Satellites also fit in charging sites with limited space. The cable management solution (pat. pend.) makes handling the heavy charging cable effortless and easy. Kempower Satellites are equipped with a user-friendly, intuitive touch screen and RFID reader. The duration of the charging session can be followed on a mobile phone.

Scale your CPU to meet your needs now and in the future

The Kempower Power Unit (CPU) is designed to serve many electric vehicles. As your business grows, the system is easily scaled up accordingly. The modular rack-style structure of the cabinet with add-on power modules furnishes cabinets to their full potential. The weatherproof cabinet frame and a special coating of the electronics on modules ensure that the CPU cabinets can be installed both indoors and outdoors.