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Electric Vehicles Charging Ahead in North Carolina

Kempower North America recently hosted a tour for Climate United at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Durham, North Carolina. Climate United is an organization dedicated to bringing accessible clean energy solutions to Justice40 communities across the country.

Justice40 communities and lower income communities across the country often experience gaps in transportation infrastructure and public services, making them the most susceptible population to pollution, poor air quality, and changes to the climate. Climate United’s goal is to help drive decarbonization at scale to benefit these communities. Together with partners, Climate United works to create a successful framework by building up local lenders and businesses to support enduring, thriving, and equitable clean energy markets and communities. These investments assist in creating jobs, lowering energy bills, and cleaning up hazardous pollution. Over time, the benefits of the clean energy transition become clear, proving the difference sustainability and climate action can make in people’s lives.

Led by a partnership between Calvert Impact, Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), and Self-Help, Climate United recently submitted a proposal to the EPA’s National Clean Investment Fund (NCIF) award competition, part of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). The fund will give grants to green financing nonprofit institutions capable of partnering with the private sector to provide accessible, affordable financing for clean technology projects across the country. This type of financing can reshape Justice40 communities and beyond, as all of society is at risk for catastrophic change brought about by our changing climate.

“Climate United’s success will be shaped by a large network of strong partnerships all over the country,” said Beth Bafford, chief executive officer, Climate United. “These community-based partners bring a breadth of experience to this effort, whether it is knowing first-hand what is needed in their communities or knowing how to leverage public dollars to secure private investments.”

Climate United is a collaborative force with ready strategies to build a greener, fairer economy. Self-Help strongly believes social, economic, and environmental justice are intertwined. Climate justice isn’t only about reducing emissions; it’s about ensuring that everyone, particularly low-wealth communities, can breathe cleaner air, access energy savings, and build resiliency and opportunity.

Crystal German, Self-Help executive vice president and member of the Climate United board of directors.

Over the past few years, North Carolina has emerged as a hub for innovation and investment in the electric mobility sector, which made the state an attractive destination when considering the placement of Kempower’s North American manufacturing facility. Thanks to the location and size of Kempower’s Durham facility, it is set to match the production output of Kempower’s Finland facility of our adaptable, reliable fast charging solutions (FCDC) this year, a number that is critical to the advancement and adoption of electric vehicles not just in our state, but across North America and beyond.

We were honored to showcase the cutting-edge technologies employed at our facility to Climate United and share in the conversation about the importance of fostering an ecosystem that supports sustainable innovation and job creation.

“Our goal at Kempower is to create a sustainable, low-carbon future for everyone, everywhere,” said Tim Joyce at Kempower North America. “The cutting edge technology we develop pushes the boundaries of innovation within the EV space to make electric vehicles more accessible, more reliable, and more of the norm. We are proud to be a part of the journey toward becoming a leader in electric mobility across the state and across the country.”

Miracle King-Wilson, Communications Manager - North America

Written by

Miracle King-Wilson

Communications Manager, North America