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Revving up the Future: Kempower Partners with Olsbergs MSE at Nitrocross Race

This past weekend, Kempower had the electrifying opportunity to partner with Olsbergs MSE at the Nitrocross Race in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were four classes of race cars at the race. Three of the four had gas-powered engines. The Group E class {electric vehicles} was one of them!

Despite the roar of the engines clearly absent in the Group E electric car races, the event continues to mark a significant moment in the electric racing area; showcasing the potential of EV technology to revolutionize motorsports. As we reflect on this exhilarating experience, let’s delve into the insights shared by event partner Andreas Eriksson, Olsbergs MSE Founder, about his expectations from the partnership with Kempower, the present and future of EV motorsports.

Partnership Expectations

Andreas Eriksson has expressed his confidence in the partnership with Kempower, emphasizing our company’s unparalleled expertise in EV charging technology. In an intimate chat during NitroCross he shared, “My expectations with the partnership with Kempower is simple. I work with the best in each category when I build the cars, and Kempower is the best when it comes to FCDC EV Charging in terms of software, hardware, quality and overall.”

Present and Future of EV Motorsports

In discussing the present landscape of EV motorsports, Andreas highlighted the FC1-X as a groundbreaking achievement, stating, “Today, FC1-X is the fastest car ever built for this type of racing. For that reason, it is received as a very cool race car, as motorsport is about pushing the boundaries.” He emphasized the importance of fast-charging infrastructures in America, noting that the development and installation of Kempower’s EV chargers across North America will be key to further promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. “We need charging infrastructures in America that can do it fast and are dependable. If that is developed alongside the racing cars, motorsport has again done its job in terms of ‘race on Sunday, sell on Monday.”

Challenges in EV Motorsports

Andreas challenges people to embrace change in EV motorsports, recognizing that resistance may come from those hesitant to depart from traditional engines.

The major battle will be with people that don’t want change. For them, we create something that is new, and we that don’t take away what they love, so we keep the normal engines with fossil-free fuels and only add something new that they can learn to love as well as time helps build all bridges.

Andreas Eriksson, Olsbergs MSE Founder

Andreas emphasized that EV cars are inherently faster and will naturally bridge the gap between traditional and electric vehicles.

In closing, Andreas reflected on the historical shift from horse-drawn carriages to automotive vehicles, noting that initial resistance to change eventually gave way to widespread adoption. “And to finish, I like to say, at one point in time, horses were very quiet, and that was the biggest reason for fighting the automotive cars at this time.”

Nitrocross Las Vegas Kempower

As Kempower continues to push the boundaries of EV technology, partnerships like the one with Olsbergs MSE at the Nitrocross Race, represent a pivotal step towards a greener and faster future in motorsports. Let’s rev up the engines of change and accelerate towards a more sustainable tomorrow #Together .

Written by

Miracle King-Wilson

Communications Manager, North America