Kempower attends Annapolis Boat Show
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From Land to Sea, Kempower Chargers Rise to the Top During the 2023 Annapolis Boat Show

From Land to Sea, Kempower Chargers Rise to the Top During the 2023 Annapolis Boat Show 

Annapolis, MD – (Friday, October 20, 2023) At the heart of ‘The Wellerman’s tale’ is for sailors to return home safe with a full bounty. After several boat tours with Kempower crew members, boat enthusiasts attending the Annapolis Boat show in Maryland this past week championed Kempower’s EV marine chargers as a key component to navigating in a sustainable and safe manner. 

“During the boat show this month we were able to network with a host of owner/operators, manufacturers, marine-focused Engineering, procurement, & construction companies (EPCs), and service providers to discuss our marine DC charging offerings, many of whom said the uptime and small footprint of Kempower chargers are key components to safe and climate friendly boating,” said Joshua Mueller Business Development Manager, Central, Kempower. 

Our EV charging systems are ideal for all floating pontoon piers and docks in need of dynamic functionality: 

  • Marinas & Harbors 
  • Vessel Manufacturers 
  • Commercial Vessels  

Our dynamic Kempower Satellite charging system on display at the annual boat show, demonstrated how power can be distributed between both electric vehicles and electric vessels, increasing the return on investment per plug; diversifying the scale for overnight, destination and on-the-move megawatt charging. 

At a closer look, boat operators were also able to see our featured galvanically-isolated DC supply, which helps to prevent corrosion failures often seen due to climate fluctuations at marinas and harbors. 
“Safe, scalable, serviceable DC chargers are crucial in the growth of maritime infrastructure across Canada and the USA,” said Sofia Lerm, Business Development, Candela. “As an example, Kempower’s technology was essential in Candela’s execution of the world-record-breaking 420NM, done over just 24 hours! The endurance record proves that long-range, high speeds are feasible for electric maritime transportation. With DC fast charging, a Candela is fully charged from an empty battery in 45 minutes, just enough time for the boater to use the restroom, grab a lunch, conduct a vessel inspection and get back on the water,” Lerm concluded. 

In addition to meeting with Candela and other companies at the boat show, Kempower rode along with Flux Marine. 

Widespread adoption of electric boats hinges on a strong charging infrastructure, and it is encouraging to see Kempower’s commitment to the electric revolution in the marine industry.

Jonathan Lord, CTO & Cofounder, Flux Marine.

Kempower’s chargers provide more durability and protection than required by industry standards. 

  • Our specialized environmental proofing protects more than just the casing that houses the chargers, it also protects the electronics inside. 
  • The layout of the Kempower charger is designed so that it repels elements such as dust and condensation. 

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Kempower media contacts: 

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Kempower in brief:
We design and manufacture reliable and user-friendly DC fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our vision is to create the world’s most desired EV charging solutions for everyone, everywhere. Our product development and production are based in Finland, with the majority of our materials and components sourced locally. We focus on all areas of e-mobility, from electric cars, trucks, and buses to machines and marine. Our modular and scalable charging system and world-class software are designed by EV drivers for EV drivers, enabling the best user experience for our customers around the world. Kempower is listed in the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.