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Excellent charging experience for Nordic electric car drivers

For over two years, the leading charge point operator Recharge has cooperated with Kempower to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly fast-charging network for EV drivers in the Nordics.

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Building a market-leading EV charging network across Finland

S Group is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sectors. With over 1,800 outlets in Finland, the organization operates in areas including supermarkets, department, hardware and speciality stores, service stations and travel and hospitality venues.

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Facilitating Epiroc’s electric transition

Epiroc is a leading productivity and sustainability partner for the mining and infrastructure industries. To capitalize on the growing numbers of global mining companies looking to upgrade their fleets to battery vehicles, Epiroc is transitioning to an electric portfolio.

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Fully Charged LIVE UK returned with a bang – and Kempower’s involvement also amplified significantly

Moderated by Robert Llewellyn, I got a chance to take part in this session with representatives from Evision Electric Vehicles, Nissan Motor GB and Direct Line. My main message as a Kempower representative is clear – you shouldn’t be in the EV charging game if you don’t drive an electric vehicle, as understanding the needs of EV drivers requires first-hand experience: you yourself need to charge to be able to develop the charging experience.

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Finnish growth company surprised international experts – “A perfect recipe for success”

A Finnish growth company based in Lahti employs professionals of 18 nationalities. International experts Pierre Gau and Thy Nguyen explain what made them choose Kempower – and what has surprised them. 

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Is your EV charging business ready to scale up?

Growth and change are happening faster than anyone could predict. When discussing with our customers about their future growth numbers, one of their concerns is whether they are investing in the right technology. They would like to invest in a solution that won’t become obsolete within a year or two and that will scale up when the demand grows faster than they have expected. Here are three things to consider when planning an EV charging hub.

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Temporary EV fast charging at events – how to organize and what to consider?

The need for flexible fast charging for electric cars (EVs) at events is a trend that we at Kempower have seen growing lately. If you are planning an event and need to arrange fast charging for EVs, here are a couple of tips.

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Supporting Lahti Ski Games and FIS Nordic World Cup with mobile DC fast chargers

Kempower is rooted in Lahti, Finland, and many of our own employees have a long history in either visiting the games or working at the games as a volunteer. That’s why the collaboration with Lahti Ski Games 2022 was a natural fit for us: Kempower supported the event by providing movable EV fast chargers to power up the Audi e-trons used to drive FIS representatives and other guests during the event.

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Speed, common sense, and focus – a blog by Tomi Ristimäki

The Kempower team has rapidly grown from a few dozen people to a company employing over one hundred employees. Recently, we have recruited many professionals both in Finland and in Europe. The global EV charging market is evolving at a pace that has rarely been seen. Such a rapid growth requires speed, flexibility, and focus from our team: change is constant.

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