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Olli did not intend to change jobs, but received an offer that he could not refuse – “Ambition took over comfort”

Olli did not intend to change jobs, but received an offer that he could not refuse – “Ambition took over comfort”

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Proving the case for EV charging at events

With the world opening up and industry events, conferences and exhibitions increasingly being held in person rather than virtually, there are growing opportunities for event organizers and manufacturers to showcase fast and reliable public EV charging solutions.

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Kempower Insights: e-Mobility Market Shifts – time to scale up fast

"Electric vehicles and the world of fast charging have changed tremendously in less than 10 years. We can no longer question “if” electric vehicles will be the right path for the future. The step-change is happening now on many areas, driven by climate change, technology development and consumer demand", writes Tero Era.

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Electric future: Kempower’s surprising technological advantage

In the electric future, there will be more electric vehicles, and a demand for higher charging capacity.

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Meet the Team Kempower! “We must be agile and ready to change direction as we go.”

Paula is an EV driver and Kempower’s Marketing & Communications manager. For her, the best thing in Kempower is the people: their motivation, positive spirit, and the strong drive to develop the e-mobility infrastructure with user-friendly DC charging.

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As cities move towards all electric public transport, Kempower is providing the solutions to make the dream of green cities a reality.

Erik Kanerva, Kempower’s Director of Marketing and Sales for Sweden speaks to Innovation News Network about the company’s commitment to helping introduce fully electric public transport across Europe.

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Green infrastructure: energy efficiency in transportation can be achieved by electrifying vehicles

Kempower's ultimate goal is to create an EV charging infrastructure so extensive and reliable that electric vehicles can and will quickly become the new normal. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit all EV charging needs in the cities aiming for green infrastructure.

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Kempower’s new CFO Jukka Kainulainen looks forward to electrifying the traffic

I am excited by the megatrend of electrification and the opportunity to grow the company together with whole personnel”, says Jukka Kainulainen, Kempower’s new CFO.

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We did it! Kempower ramped up to full-scale production during 2020

The year 2020 was Kempower’s first year of full-scale production, during which orders have soared from 0.5 million to over 8 million, and our personnel has become over three times the size of the team we started with.

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