Electric bus charging solutions

The electrification of city buses has been successfully ongoing for some years, contributing to cleaner and quieter cities. Kempower has been part of this journey from the beginning and we’ve been continuously improving our innovative Electric Bus Charging Solutions according to the needs of public transport operators ever since.

  • Overnight Charging at Bus Depots

    For operations where most of the vehicles return to the depot in the evening and don’t require opportunity charging.

  • Opportunity at Bus Depots and on-route

    For operations that include longer routes and require vehicles to fast-charge in the depot or on-route during the day.


Overnight at Bus Depots

If the range of electric buses is sufficient to cover daily routes, overnight charging at depots is the easiest way to efficiently charge your fleet. Kempower’s modular satellite configuration offers the highest degree of reliability and efficiency for overnight charging strategies.


Opportunity at Bus Depots and on-route

Often electric buses need to drive longer routes during the day than their range allows. In these cases an opportunity charging strategy at the depot or at bus stops along the route can be useful. Discover Kempower’s high-power and Pantograph charging solutions for these situations.

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Maximizing power 
utilization with Kempower’s fast charging solution 

  • Kempower’s system distributes power dynamically to different outputs
  • Unused charging capacity gets transferred to another bus
  • This way, power utilization is optimized and you can get the most out of your grid connection
  • Avoid oversizing your charging infrastructure that is only utilized during peak hours

No space, no problem – Charging at bus depots with limited space 

  • Increased space utilization thanks to centralized power and a modular dispenser layout 
  • Enhanced safety in operation areas thanks to the small solution footprint
  • Flexible dispenser designs for hangars and areas with limited space

Maximize investment & grid
capacity through multimodality

Maximize utilization, when using one system for several use-cases

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