C-Station EV fast-charging station

Kempower C-Station is a compact and modular fast-charging station for electric cars, electric commercial vehicles, and electric off-highway vehicles. C-Station is a combined CPU and a charging satellite as a single unit. It inherits the user interface hardware and cable handling from the Satellite post.

Typically, C-Station has either 1 or 2 CPU cabinets that offers power from 50 to 400 kW and it can have 1 – 2 DC charging outlets fixed on one or both sides. Advanced cable handling with spring support provides ranges from 4 to 6 meters. Furthermore, while the total outlet number as a single cabinet build is 4, it may provide power to 1-2 satellites as far as the outlet number is 4.

When there is less space – ideal for tight charging applications

C-Station is opimal on drive through charging stations where the small footprint and minimal cabling are a necessity. Charging power management can be selected from static or dynamic to meet application needs. On static power management, each power module is routed to specific charging cable or further routed to external Satellite post outlet. On dynamic power management charging power is routed optimatically to any of the outlets up to full power respectively to cable sizing and number of charging outlets. Dynamics versatility offers nearly limitless possibilities for EV charging.

The benefits of C-station fast-charging station


C-Station supports all of the most common charging standards: CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and Type 2 AC.

Kempower Power Module is the heart of the cpu

The two-channel 50 kW Kempower Power Module is the core of C-Station. The rack-style cabinet includes 1 – 4 power modules depending on demandded maximum charging power level. C-Station is also reduntant as each power modules work independently - if one of them malfunctions, the others keep on working.

Smart technology

Kempower ChargEye connectivity service ensures wireless software updates and data management. You can monitor remotely the energy consumption, possible utilization rate or use ratio, and the status of your C-Station. Locally the 7” touch screen and the universal and intuitive user interface guarantee an effortless charging experience.

Winning features


Our charging cable spring support solution is developed based on real user experience. C-Station’s integrated cable handling prevents the cable from touching the ground. We can ensure that the cable won’t get dirty, wet or frozen. Advanced cable handling with spring support provides ranges with optionally 5 or 7 meter charging cables.


The 7” touch screen display guides the user through the charging process. The user experience is formed with graphic elements. The minimum amount of text means less hassle with language selection and no need for tailored translation processes.


We offer both 500V and 800V versions depending on your vehicle’s drivetrain voltage. Charging power from 50 kW to 400 kW is available for both versions. C-Station is also available as multivoltage (input) variant.

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