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Team Kempower has electrified its car fleet and is testing to learn: Kempower’s Petri hit the road

Team Kempower has electrified the company’s car fleet and is now testing with different electric vehicles available on the market. “We drive frequently with our own company electric cars and borrowed others and charged them with Kempower’s charging solutions”, Petri Korhonen explains. The first phase of in-house testing was done with the 40 kW Kempower Movable charger equipped with 1xCCS2 charging. Besides personal electric cars, extensive testing has been performed with electric buses and electric off-highway vehicles. The results are clear: our charger perfectly suits the needs of the market.

Petri Korhonen charging a Tesla

Electric car fleet and longer distances – fast chargers are needed along the routes to the summer cottages

Petri Korhonen from the Kempower team is a typical Finn. His daily commuting to work and back home is 10–30 km a day, taking in leisure activities and shopping in the city of Lahti, the home of Kempower. However, in the holidays, vacation periods and weekends the driving distances are longer. Like many other Finns, Petri enjoys cottage life by the lake.

With Kempower’s electrified car fleet, Petri is also a fresh electric vehicle (EV) driver. His first experiences of driving an EV in the Finnish summer have been very positive. Finland is a country with long distances, where driving an EV can be challenging because of the current range of EVs, which varies from 150 km to 400 km. In Petri’s case, driving an EV turned out to be a very smooth and convenient way of private motoring.

In my case, my EV’s battery can handle the trips to the cottage and back home with one charge. My daily driving during my cottage visits are mainly short distance drives. Charging with a slow AC charging from the wall socket is a completely adequate way of filling the ‘tank’ – in this case the battery – at the cottage. As there are not that many petrol/gas stations available here in the countryside, ‘fueling up’ an EV is actually easier by charging it from the cottage socket compared to finding a gas station for a petrol or diesel car.

Petri Korhonen, Kempower Chief Engineer

The Kempower Movable charger offers companies an easy way to provide fast charging for electric car fleet

Petri continues by revealing one of the potential use cases of the Kempower Movable DC Fast Charger:

The longer distances can be trickier for EV drivers especially if there are not that many DC Fast Chargers available along the route. Therefore, as you see in this short video below, we developed the Kempower Movable charger. Most companies and commercial real estate already have a 63A power socket. So a Kempower Movable charger is a quick and easy way to provide fast charging for EV drivers. We also offer a lockable docking station for the charger so it can be safely left outside. Basically, it doesn´t get easier than this to provide fast charging!

Petri Korhonen,

To operate a Kempower Movable charger you need

  1. a 63A power socket
  2. to plug in the charger
  3. to turn the charger on
  4. to just plug the cable in the car
  5. and you are ready to charge!

Cloud connectivity combined with Kempower’s own cloud solution ensures that the charger is up and running whenever and wherever you need charging.