Equip your store with a commercial EV charging station

For retailers considering the transition to electrification as a strategy to draw in new customers, improve the customer experience, and explore additional revenue streams.

Key benefits

  • Modular and scalable

    Choose the right DC fast charging dispenser for any EV charging sites and optimize the use of space.
  • Dynamic power management

    Charge multiple electric vehicles at the optimal power to maximize power utilization.
  • User-friendly

    Reliable and easy-to-use DC fast chargers with spring-assisted cable handling and responsive touch screens.

Simple solution that meets any retail charging needs

Kempower solutions are tailored to eliminate barriers for Retailers: 

  • For individuals new to the EV market, Kempower provides tools and a customer-centric sales organization to facilitate smooth expansion of EV chargers. 
  • ChargEye prioritizes the retailer’s core business by ensuring easy operation and the ability to integrate card payment solutions. We take care of the charger, allowing them to get up and running smoothly.
  • Addressing grid limitations, Kempower’s dynamic power sharing sets it apart, maximizing grid utilization efficiently. 
  • Recognizing the value of each parking bay, charging solutions should prioritize location sensitivity, offering a small footprint and flexible installation without displacing parking spaces.

Customer cases


Sainsbury’s launches Smart Charge

Sainsbury’s has launched Smart Charge, a brand-new, dedicated EV charging business that will give drivers access to ultra-rapid EV charging points across its stores in the UK. This bold move illustrates the retailer’s commitment to the EV industry while providing an exciting new service for drivers. Smart Charge is the first and only EV charging business to be fully owned and managed end-to-end by a UK supermarket. The state-of-the-art charging technology and equipment is provided by Kempower.

ASKO Norway

Kempower to provide DC fast-charging EV technology to ASKO, Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler

Kempower supplies its fast EV charging technology for the ASKO wholesaler’s 13 logistics depots in Norway.

ASKO is Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler. Sustainability is a central component of the company’s business strategy, and it aims to have emission-free transport by 2026, including electrifying its fleet of approximately 700 trucks.

S-Group Finland

Building a market-leading EV charging network across Finland

S Group is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sectors. With over 1,800 outlets in Finland, the organization operates in areas including supermarkets, department, hardware and speciality stores, service stations and travel and hospitality venues.

The entire charging network operates under the ABC Charging brand. The first chargers were delivered to S Group’s grocery stores in Helsinki’s metropolitan area in April 2021. By the end of the year 2021, the company had set up 50 charging hubs featuring Kempower power unit and Kempower Satellite chargers across Finland.


McDonald’s in Tampere, Finland has a leading-edge fast-charging system for electric vehicles – since 2018

“It’s really great to have the world’s top charging system for our restaurant visitors. We are very happy to be involved in building a charging network in Finland. I am particularly pleased myself, since I have been an electric car driver for over six years now.”

Kaukajärvi McDonald’s entrepreneur Hannu Wiinikainen

Make a smart investment in the future of retail

Kempower ChargEye software minimizes grid connection tariffs, total energy consumption and energy costs. The software enables you to reduce CAPEX by 20% and OPEX by 30% with adaptive peak power shaving, vehicle preconditioning and shifting charging to lower-energy tariff hours.

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