Kempower Charging Solutions Info

Kempower Movable Charger

Kempower Movable Charger is a stand-alone, mobile solution for fast DC charging of all types of electric vehicles.

The Movable Charger can have one or two DC charging outputs, with CCS2 and CHAdeMo as options. The available charging power is automatically distributed between the charging outputs.

Kempower Satellite

Kempower Satellite DC Charging system is the optimal solution for public charging and other sites that need multiple fast charging outputs.

The maximum available charging power of the system is 600 kW, depending on the Power Unit version. Each output can deliver 400 kW to the charging Satellite.

Kempower Power Unit

Kempower Power Unit is the hear of Kempower’s flexible, modular and scalable DC charging system with dynamic power management.

A triple cabinet Power Unit can have up to twelve 50 kW power modules, providing a maximum nominal power of up to 600 kW.