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Changes in Kempower Leadership Team, targeting to a strong focus on strategy execution and future innovation

Kempower makes changes in the company’s global Leadership Team to focus more strongly on executing the company’s growth strategy and driving future innovation. The changes primarily focus on Kempower’s innovation, product development activities and North America expansion.

As of the 5th of March 2024 Jussi Vanhanen, Chief Markets Officer, leads Kempower’s Markets and Innovations function, responsible for future innovations, developing the company’s growth strategy, business development, product management and brand development. Simultaneously Sanna Otava, Chief Operating Officer, starts to lead Kempower’s Product Development and Operations functions, responsible for product development, global production operations, corporate development and ESG.

Hanne Peltola is appointed Chief People Officer and member of Kempower’s global Leadership team. Mikko Veikkolainen, Kempower’s CTO, will be appointed Vice President, Research and Innovation and starts to lead the Research & Innovations team in the Markets and Innovations function. Veikkolainen will be a member of the Extended Leadership Team and reports to Jussi Vanhanen.  Tim Joyce, who has been leading Kempower’s North American operations, leaves the company and the recruitment process for the leader of the North American operations starts immediately. Erin Johnston, Finance Director, Kempower North America, takes temporary responsibility for the management of North American operations as Interim Managing Director.

“Kempower has grown rapidly in recent years and every day all Kempowerians make a fantastic contribution to the growth and development of the company. With these changes, we want to take a tight grip of the implementation of our growth strategy: we want to focus more strongly on developing the customer experience and at the same time boost our product development, without forgetting future innovations. I believe that this change will make us an even stronger partner in driving the electric revolution together with our customers and partners,” says Kempower’s CEO Tomi Ristimäki.

Kempower executes company’s growth strategy with a keen eye on the long-term growth trajectory. Kempower expects the DC charging industry to grow from EUR 2 billion in 2023 to EUR 14 billion per year by 2030 both in Europe and North America. The company aims to be the top 5 player in the DC charging market in Europe and in North America by 2030.  

The members of Kempower’s global Leadership Team as of 5th of March 2024: 

Chief Executive Officer Tomi Ristimäki

Chief Operating Officer Sanna Otava

Chief Financial Officer Jukka Kainulainen

Chief Markets Officer Jussi Vanhanen

Chief Sales Officer Tommi Liuska

Chief Service Business Officer Juha-Pekka Suomela

Chief People Officer Hanne Peltola

Extended Leadership Team will continue its work as an important part of implementing Kempower’s strategy and delivering growth.   

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Kempower, Investors: 

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