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Kempower has opened new facilities in Vaasa, Finland, focusing on the development of high power charging  

  • Kempower has opened new facilities in Vaasa, Finland, including a new RDI Center 
  • The focal point of Kempower’s operations in Vaasa is the development of high-power charging for electric trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. 
  • Vaasa is a vital hub of expertise in the energy sector, and Kempower aims to recruit top professionals in the industry. 
  • The first team of Kempower e-mobility experts has already started in Vaasa, and more positions will open up shortly. 

VAASA, FINLAND – Rapid EV charging solutions provider Kempower has opened its new facilities in Vaasa, including a new RDI Center. The new facilities mark a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to advancing the development of high-power charging and electrification of heavy-duty vehicles. 

Kempower chose Vaasa as its new location because of the city’s strong base of expertise in the energy industry. Kempower’s facilities in Vaasa focus specifically on developing high-power charging solutions for electric heavy-duty vehicles. This facility embodies the company’s dedication to reducing carbon emissions and revolutionizing the future of sustainable heavy transportation. 

The Vaasa RDI center includes labs, testing spaces, and a team of experienced e-mobility and service experts. The new facilities not only enable research and product development but also allow other experts to work at Kempower. The new premises underscores Kempower’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the global push towards greener transportation solutions. 

“Our new facilities in Vaasa reflect our unwavering commitment to developing reliable and user-friendly charging solutions that will accelerate the electrification of trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles worldwide. We believe that innovation is the key to creating a sustainable future, and this facility will serve as a hub for brilliant minds to come together and drive positive change”, said Kempower’s CEO Tomi Ristimäki

Kempower’s team in Vaasa will focus in particular on high-power charging for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. Among the different DC charging applications, we forecast that electric trucks will take off rapidly and become the most important DC charging application by 2030. We expect the commercial vehicles DC charging market to grow to around EUR 9.1 billion in Europe and North America by 2030”, Ristimäki added.  

Kempower announced in the summer of 2023 that it will recruit around 200 new employees for its new factory in Lahti. To support its growing operations, Kempower will need e-mobility experts for a wide range of functions.  

We want to expand the recruitment market and career opportunities for e-mobility professionals widely across Finland. Our employees work on a hybrid model, i.e. they work both remotely and in the office. Vaasa is a vital hub of expertise in the energy sector, and we aim to recruit top professionals in the industry “, says Ristimäki

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Kempower in brief 

We design and manufacture reliable and user-friendly DC fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our vision is to create the world’s most desired EV charging solutions for everyone, everywhere. Our product development and production are based in Finland, with the majority of our materials and components sourced locally. We focus on all areas of e-mobility, from electric cars, trucks, and buses to machines and marine. Our modular and scalable charging system and world-class software are designed by EV drivers for EV drivers, enabling the best user experience for our customers around the world. Kempower is listed in the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.