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Kempower’s 2024 event season kicks off with the Laadinfra Conference in Belgium 

Kempower will kick off the 2024 event season as a gold sponsor of the Congres Laadinfra’24 in Brussels, Belgium. On Thursday 18th of January, a team of Kempower Sales and Marketing experts will join the event which is one of the biggest EV industry events in Belgium.  

The conference is dedicated to support a rapid scale-up of charging facilities and the capacity of the underlying grid, to meet the increasing demand. This is seen as crucial for Belgium to cope with the growing number of electric vehicles and to meet European targets. During the conference, leading speakers of the EV industry will share their knowledge, experience, and vision with more than 300 stakeholders.  

Alongside the overall charging solutions, the Kempower team will showcase the company’s dynamic charging feature as well as discuss how to provide an excellent user experience for EV drivers. Attendees will be able to test the user interface of the Kempower Satellite and see the benefits of Kempower ChargEye for both the user and the owner of the charger. Additionally, Han Dix Head of Sales Benelux, will gives a keynote speech in the public charging segment, on electrifying (retail) business. His target is to help the audience understand what kind of public charging opportunities there are. Han will also showcases that, whether it is Long Term, Destination/Opportunity, or On-The-Move charging, public charging can be profitable for Charge Point Operators and Retailers. Finally, he will deep dive into how Kempower realized excellent user experience, which is key to a profitable business case.  

The conference is a great start for 2024, with many opportunities to get in-depth information about the Kempower Charging Solution. In 2024, you can meet Kempower representatives at the following events.  

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