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Normet Aims to Cut Down Emissions and Costs with Fast Charging Solutions Powered by Kempower

Unparalleled, tested technology with fast service. Those are the key elements behind Normet’s and Kempower’s cooperation. Normet offers fast charging solutions powered by Kempower for Normet’s range of fully electric mining and tunnelling equipment.

The mining industry is focusing more and more on emission control, safety and productivity. Improving safety, air quality, and productivity is very high on the agenda. This is where the fast charging solutions for fully electric mining and tunnelling equipment come into play.

Normet SmartDrive fully electric equipment reduce the need for ventilation while improving air quality. Due to the highly efficient and powerful all electric powertrain, SmartDrive equipment achieve greatly increase speed in uphill tramming, increasing productivity

Samu Kukkonen, Normet’s Technology Director

Normet trusts Kempower as an agile partner in developing fast charging solutions & comprehensive service for demanding underground conditions. Normet is a growing technology company that offers solutions for both underground mining and tunnelling.

Close cooperation with technology partner helps Normet to predict the future

In any partnership with our contractors, we appreciate a close cooperation in technology development. For us, it is important to see the technology roadmap for a couple of years ahead so that we can develop products that fit for mining and tunneling needs

Samu Kukkonen

For Normet, technical support is of the utmost importance. Whether it is about fixing a charger, or anything related to maintenance, the service needs to be done swiftly so that Normet can keep their customers satisfied.

Kempower offers a rare package where their 70 years of experience and top-notch technology go hand in hand and with delivery reliability, consistent quality and durability

Samu Kukkonen

Choose fast charging solutions developed for the most demanding conditions

Kempower’s electric chargers for off-highway vehicles are developed for the most demanding conditions, based on Kemppi’s solid experience in mining. The chargers are made in Lahti, Finland, and delivered worldwide.

Our solutions are always developed and adopted to meet the needs of our customers. Kempower’s expertise in power electronics used in harsh conditions is in this case is very valuable for Normet. Mines are an excellent example of such a demanding environment

Kempower’s CTO Mikko Veikkolainen

Kempower’s offering is modular, scalable and user centric from 22 kW up to several megawatts. The first product – a 40 kW movable DC charging trolley with robust wheels – is an excellent example of how easy charging can get: ensure the power supply, plug in and the charger is ready to use.

Kempower’s charging solution technology is futureproof with the option of wireless system updates and real time monitoring of the charger health. We offer charging solutions that are built to last

Erik Kanerva, Director, Sales and Marketing, Kempower

The key strengths of Kempower fast charging solutions

  • Weatherproof through extensive testing and power electronics experience.
  • Efficiency – High capacity chargers from 40 kW up to several megawatts.
  • Modular and scalable product offering.
  • Futureproof technology built to last.
  • State of the art IOT –solutions, cloud connectivity and data-management.