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Webinar + LIVE Q&A: Revolutionizing E-Truck Charging – The Future Landscape and Solutions

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Trucks are the backbone of modern logistics, and optimizing their charging infrastructure is essential. Explore the evolving landscape of truck charging, reimagine this critical sector, and learn how Kempower can be your partner in addressing these challenges.

In this illuminating Kempower webinar, you will gain invaluable insights into:

  • The future market for truck charging 
  • The compelling reasons to rethink truck charging 
  • The hurdles and roadblocks in the world of truck charging 
  • Kempower’s unrivaled expertise and innovative DC fast charging solutions for the trucking industry 


Armand Garcia Bachs (Sales Manager Iberia, Commercial Fleets): Based in Barcelona, Spain, Armand brings his engineering expertise and passion for electric mobility to offer valuable insights to fleet owners.

Moritz Vornfeld (Fleets Segment Owner): With extensive experience in fleet electrification and a base in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Moritz is at the forefront of Kempower’s efforts to revolutionize truck charging