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Four new Kempower charging stations operated by Neste to open this summer 

Neste aims to expand its EV charging network in Finland and offer high-power charging services at ten Neste stations along main roads by the end of 2023. The four new Neste MY Renewable Charging™ high-power charging stations will open during the summer of 2023 at Neste Hartola, and Neste Joroinen Jari-Pekka traffic stations, Neste Express Härkäpakari station in Huittinen and Neste Kontiomäki traffic station in Paltamo.  

Each of the new high-power charging stations will have six Kempower Satellites and a triple Kempower Power Unit with a total power of 600 kW, supporting charging up to 1000 V. 

“Along with the development of EVs, also charging systems develop fast. The chargers at the new Neste MY Renewable Charging™ high-power charging stations will serve customers with even higher power and a broader voltage scale. The chargers will enable charging with over 250 kW if the EVs support charging at that speed. We’ve also paid attention to the ease of payment, which is possible through card payment, the Neste app, or the Neste card. The central location along main roads with an illuminated roof and a good charging experience will provide a pleasant break for EV drivers on the road,”

says Aleksi Virtapuro, charging network business developer at Neste. 

Neste opened its first high-power charging stations at the turn of the year at Neste Hankasalmi Jari-Pekka and Neste Oulunbaari Maikkulan traffic stations. Neste aims to open tens of new high-power charging stations by the end of 2024 in connection to Neste stations in different parts of Finland. 

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