Kempower to deliver fast charging technology to Koiviston Auto’s electric bus depots in Vantaa and Helsinki, Finland

EV fast charging solutions provider Kempower will deliver DC fast charging technology to the electric bus depots of Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy, owned by Koiviston Auto Group, in Ojanko, Vantaa and Vartiokylä, Helsinki, Finland. The delivery will include Kempower C- and S-Series DC fast charging solutions and Kempower ChargEye backend and cloud solutions.

Kempower’s DC fast chargers will provide power to all the 61 electric buses in the Ojanko and Vartiokylä bus depots. The electric buses will start operating in the public transport of the Helsinki metropolitan area in August 2022. The total power of the chargers is 3MW and they use the CCS2 charging standard. Kempower’s DC fast charging solutions are modular, meaning they consist of a charging power unit (Kempower C-Series) and satellites (Kempower S-Series). Multiple satellites can be connected to one charging power unit, allowing the charging field to be scaled up easily and quickly.

Last year, we successfully implemented our electric bus depots in Lahti and Kuopio together with Kempower, and we are happy to continue our cooperation. Kempower’s DC fast charging solutions fit our needs very well, especially because of their modularity, as the charging solutions can be easily scaled up depending on our charging needs. We appreciate this cooperation with a reliable and local partner”, says Michael Andersson,  Technical Director of Koiviston Auto Group.

“As the new owner of Koiviston Auto Group our goal is to speed up the electrification of urban bus transportation and to grow the company’s contracted electric bus fleet sixfold by 2026. Charging solutions play a key role in achieving this goal, and we are happy that Kempower is our partner in this”, comments Ville Poukka, managing partner at CapMan Infra and chairperson of the board at Koiviston Auto Group.

“We are excited to continue this domestic cooperation with Koiviston Auto Group. The company’s electric bus depots in the Helsinki metropolitan area are a great continuum to our previous bus depot projects, Lahti and Kuopio, in Finland. It is great to see that our solutions can again give their best at these new depots”, says Tomi Ristimäki, Kempower’s CEO.

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy, owned by Koiviston Auto Group, is one of the major bus carriers in the public transport of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Public transport in the Helsinki region has been ranked high in the international BEST survey, which compares the satisfaction of European urban dwellers with public transport in their area. The Helsinki metropolitan area is heading towards renewable energy and over half of the ordered transport equipment runs on renewable energy. The 168 electric buses used in Helsinki’s public transport since the autumn of 2021 run on Nordic wind and hydropower.

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