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Meet the Team Kempower!

“We must be agile and ready to change direction as we go.”

Paula is an EV driver and Kempower’s Marketing & Communications manager. For her, the best thing in Kempower is the people: their motivation, positive spirit, and the strong drive to develop the e-mobility infrastructure with user-friendly DC charging.

What do you do at Kempower?

I am responsible of communications, social media and PR. In practice, this means managing the communications and news flow in our channels, whether it is for example website, social media, media relations, or cooperating with social media influencers, like Bjørn Nyland from Norway. I steer our international agency network and develop the Kempower story.

As the e-mobility and charging industry is developing fast, there is a lot of interest towards Kempower. The need for media and PR work is increasing. This is very positive. I enjoy the rare opportunity to be able to work in a company and in an industry that reforms the way we move on land, water and in the air.

What motivates you the most in your work at Kempower?

I love working with e-mobility and electric vehicles! I have been driving electric vehicle for 4 years now and I would not change back to ICE (internal combustion engine).

I admire Kempower team and the attitude towards development. Our R&D and software team is one of a kind, helping not only customers but also Kempower staff members whenever they have questions on charging. You never know what’s up and cooking when plugging in your EV at our charging field at Lahti Headquarters: there may be some new graphics on the screen, or new cables being tested. This is a moving train.

I also enjoy the opportunity to talk with Kempower customers: I always learn something new from them. Being able to work towards more sustainable infrastructure and cleaner mobility is something I am proud of.

What is your typical day like?

We have Teams and Zoom calls with agencies, Kempower team and our customers. We try to highlight successful customer cases as much as possible to be able to show how Kempower charging solutions work in real life. There is always some content planning and content production ongoing, as well as social media follow-up and social media management. We have workshops and research for upcoming news and stories. We update our website, share content with sales, plan new content with sales, follow-up the analytics and plan future events. I support our CEO and top management in media work. Our top priority is to support sales and to strengthen the Kempower brand.

The e-mobility industry develops fast. We must be agile and ready to change direction as we go. There is no typical day.

Paula Savonen, Director, Communications