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Kaha and Kempower have begun cooperation in sales in the Northern European market

Oy Kaha Ab and Finland-based Kempower Oy have begun cooperation to sell Kempower’s new movable fast chargers for electric vehicles. Kaha will include these innovative fast chargers in its range of products. Moreover, Kaha’s sister companies in Sweden and the Baltic region will provide channels for delivering the charger solutions from Finland.

Kempower’s movable fast electric vehicle chargers represent the latest in electric car charging technology. Mobile solutions open many new applications and possibilities for charging and have considerably lower initial costs. The devices being exported are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Kempower’s innovative solutions are certainly an interesting and attractive option for anyone considering acquiring a fast charger. The outlay for acquisition is several thousands of euros less than that for fixed fast charging stations. The biggest savings, however, are the set-up costs: with the Kempower charger, these costs are non-existent

Kaha product manager Juuso Pahlstén
Kempower movable fast charger

Movable fast chargers

Kempower’s movable fast chargers, based on DC charging technology, come with many plug types, and numerous options are available. The charging power extends all the way up to 40 kW. Also, the user can charge one vehicle at a time or make use of the dual charging option to serve two vehicles simultaneously, delivering 20 kW in each channel. Charging can be done either indoors or outside, as the mobile charger can be moved as needed. The device is suitable for charging various types of vehicle, including passenger cars, trucks, and buses. It even works for electric heavy-duty vehicles.

Our co-operation with Kaha enables Nordic and Baltic automotive, transportation, and heavy-duty vehicle companies to obtain efficient and user-friendly Kempower charging solutions directly from a familiar, trusted operator. Our objective is to bring to the market high-quality fast charging devices and services that are both easy to use and easy to obtain

Erik Kanerva, director of sales and marketing at Kempower

The Kempower T500 and T800 fast chargers will be presented for the first time at the Transport Logistics Fair in Finland (Kuljetus-Logistiikka) on 9–11 May at Kaha’s booth, 1a21.

Oy Kaha Ab

Oy Kaha Ab is a wholesaler of spare parts and accessories for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and also automotive components and tools. The company has many years of experience in the automotive industry in Finland, and it has been in operation since 1934. Kaha is part of the Nordic business group KG Knutsson.