Kempower summer trainee program 2023
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Get to Know the Kempower Summer Trainee Program

The Kempower Summer Trainee Program is Kempower’s summer trainee program primarily for students in Finland. We offer future talents a front-row seat in a growth company in the EV charging industry. Each year we are on the lookout for future talents with a positive attitude, willingness to learn and put into practice everything they have learned during their studies. 

Our offering 

The Kempower Summer Trainee Program is a great opportunity for future talents to gain hands-on experience, and to work in a company that thrives to build a more sustainable future for us all.  

You will get the opportunity to learn from professionals in your field and to build valuable relationships. You’ll be offered to possibility to acquire new knowledge & skills, while also offered the possibility to use the skills you already have.  

As a Kempower Summer Trainee, you will have the opportunity to participate in our Summer Trainee Bootcamp and connect with other trainees.  

Most of the departments at Kempower offer summer trainee positions, examples of these are operations, RDI, finance, people & culture, marketing, and services. These might vary depending on the needs of each department that year. 

The trainee period usually starts in May and ends in August. All trainee periods are negotiated and agreed upon together with the candidate. 

The application process 

The openings for trainee positions are published between December and March, due to different needs within the departments. All trainee positions are published on the Kempower Careers page.

The job postings provide more information about each position, make sure to read them carefully!  

All Kempower summer trainee positions are paid traineeships and available for applicants over the age of 18. All applications should be sent via our recruitment system due to GDPR reasons. 

Possibilities after the trainee period 

The summer trainees are offered the opportunity to negotiate if there is a need in the company for one’s expertise after the summer trainee period. The possibilities to continue will depend on the situation of each team at the time of negotiation. 

We are sometimes able to provide thesis worker positions for trainees after the summer. The student can first gain basic knowledge of the EV industry during the summer and then, together with the team, decide on a common topic for their thesis.