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Electrifying Boats and Cars in Norway

The need to reduce carbon emissions and technical development of batteries have been the drivers of seaport infrastructure development. As drivetrains of speedboats get electrified, it impacts also to the seaport docks. On such demanding conditions, the Kempower Satellite charging posts are powering both electric boats and cars at high power charging (HPC) over 100 kW. The adaptive EV charging with Kempower dynamics is also providing smarter routing of power, that in turn enables more charging sessions in the same time window than if using traditional chargers. One of the world’s first electric speedboat fast HPC charger for boats is located in Floro, Norway, where speedboats are now moving with much lower noise level than earlier, without local emissions of course.

Satellite posts utilize spring support of the charging cable that prevents the cable from scuffing the ground and helps the handling of heavy cables. Two of the HPC satellite posts are installed to the seaport dock, while charging power unit cabinet (CPU) and the satellite for electric car charging are located on the dockside parking area. Additional shelter is used for extra protection to the CPU cabinet against harsh impacts of seaside conditions.