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Kempower introduces revolutionary Kempower Movable Charger fast charging solution for passenger vehicles, off-highway vehicles and electric buses

Kempower, a Finnish company, introduces fast charging devices and solutions for electric cars, busses and off-highway and commercial vehicles, tested in extreme conditions. The first of these devices is the Kempower Movable Charger. It has been tested in all weather conditions, it is reliable, and outrageously easy to install. This movable device has 40 kW of power and it fast-charges two vehicles simultaneously.

Fast Charging Solutions for Electric Cars: Movable Fast Charging Devices Charge Two Vehicles at Once Without a Fixed Charging Station

With a Kempower Movable Charger DC fast charger, a fast charging service can be piloted and commissioned without heavy installation. The movable fast charger is easy to put to use. The device has 40 kW of power and for its installation, 32 A or 63 A plugs are sufficient. Two vehicles can be charged simultaneously.

Kempower Movable Charger DC charger makes piloting and commissioning of fast charging easier in shopping centers, car dealerships, hotels and business parks, for instance. No fixed charging station is needed. This makes it possible to offer seasonal fast charging services in large summer events.

Kempower’s Sales and Marketing Director Erik Kanerva

The device is also highly applicable for charging electric industrial vehicles and busses at the paddock or in maintenance.

Erik Kanerva

In Kempower’s solution, the fast charging device gets its power from a centralized energy source. The energy is dynamically distributed from the energy source to the wall chargers, charging poles or other connected satellite solutions.

This is a modern and cost-efficient way to create electric vehicle charging entities so that they service as many users as possible. The installation process should be easy, and the installation costs should be reasonable.

Erik Kanerva

A separate plinth kit is available for the Kempower Movable Charger DC fast charging device. With it, the device can be anchored and fixed wherever it is installed.

Kempower’s Fast Charging Device Offering Expands in 2019

Modularity, scalability and updateable future-proof technology are the underlying themes in device development at Kempower. Usability is a major focus in the device development. All Kempower fast charging devices have easy-to-use seven-inch touch-screen technology, which ensures a smooth and trouble-free user experience.

Kempower has identified the needs of electric traffic operators and is prepared to support various charging standards on the market, such as CCS, CHAdeMO, and Type 2. Simultaneous charging (charging two vehicles at the same time) is also a feature that operators look for.

At the moment, Kempower pilots and tests fast charging solutions with several large bus operators and industry players. Reliability and fast service in any conditions are the primary objectives.

We are familiar with the conditions up north, winter and challenging environments. Our charging solutions are reliable and the data they collect during charging activities can be utilized to support customer’s processes and increase their efficiency. Industrial machines and busses must always be operational. The reliability and functionality of the charging device are very important.

Mikko Veikkolainen, CTO of Kempower

Kempower develops charging solutions for off-highway and commercial vehicles especially in the mining industry. Cost efficiency, safety and cutting down emissions are the primary objectives.

With mines, we start the development by thinking about the conditions, which are some of the most demanding in the industrial sector. Charging devices are exposed to pressure, dust and humidity underground. If our technology works in the mines, it works anywhere. We also test devices in different temperatures so that we can confirm full performance. We do not standardize the charging environment but make sure that the devices work despite any conditions.

Mikko Veikkolainen, CTO of Kempower

Kempower, a member of Kemppi group, develops, tests and manufactures fast charging devices in Lahti, Finland. Kemppi group has over 70 years of experience in the development of heavy-duty electronics for industrial use. Kempower’s objective is to become the market leader as a provider of DC fast charging devices and services for demanding conditions. Read and watch the story of Kempower.